Swiss Sustainable Design Studio. Designed and handcrafted in Zurich, Switzerland.

Dream On, Recycled Jar
Dream On, Recycled Jar
Dream On, Recycled Jar

Dream On, Upcycled Glass Jar

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Dream On, Upcycled Glass Jar, with its delicate romantic design it would harmoniously complement your style. We are upcycling glass jars, bottles and other waste materials by thoughtfully transforming them into stylish sustainable interior accessories. This lovely jar was carefully sourced, designed and hand-decorated in Zurich, Switzerland.

You can use it as a candle holder, a vase or as a beautiful decoration.  

Approximate Dimensions: Height - 13,5 cm; Diameter - 9,0 cm.

Not suitable to be in direct contact with food.

Although the product has a double layer of a water - resistant varnish, we do not recommend washing it. If needed, gently hand-clean it with a damp clothes.